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                  習近平時間|提高創新能力 解決“卡脖子”問題


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                  News Guangdong

                  HK Youth in GBA | Mak Yuhon: Guangzhou helped me make the first pot of gold

                  "When the business went well, we could earn 80,000 to 100,000 yuan a month. It helped me make the first pot of gold and buy an apartment in Hong Kong."

                  Guangdong have 180,00 people vaccinated against coronavirus

                  As of December 22nd, 180,000 people in Guangdong province have been inoculated against the pandemic without having any serious side-effects. The expenses are covered by the government.

                  Nansha launches 1,559 high-quality jobs to attract global talent

                  Nansha released recruitment information of 30 companies to overseas talents around the world, including 1,559 high-quality positions and 16 project requirements.

                  Creative Short Film Contest creates link between Guangdong and Taiwan

                  Seven awards, including the Best Short Film, were decided based on creativity, visual effect and overall performance under the theme of "Change".

                  Update | Nansha local coronavirus case imported from Myanmar

                  The latest epidemiological investigation showed the virus’ s gene sequence of the infected hotel women worker is highly identical with that of the Myanmar imported case.

                  Typhoon, cold air plus rain! Prepare for Guangdong’s Winter!

                  Guangzhou is getting colder without any sign of rise in temperature. The cold air in the early morning and evening will continue with us, with a new typhoon and some rainfall on the way.
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